We are different. And why that matters to you.

What does LDWW stand for? The letters aside, we are a classic example of a pioneering agency that has emerged in the new millennia of marketing. We symbolize the integration of all tactics of communication by combining the talent of a large global agency with the advantages of a smart, nimble boutique consultancy.

Are we an ad agency? We are. We combine the practices of traditional advertising with the latest in digital and social integration to support them, maximizing brand awareness and engagement. In 2016, we created over 20 television commercials and over 200 web videos.

Are we a branding firm? We are. With over 200 global, national, regional and local brands under our belt, we have created some of the most iconic historical brands and launched over 30 new ones since the start of the agency in 2012.

Are we in the business of content creation? We are. From planning to creative and curation, we employ an entire group of in-house creative professionals that develop and execute both the strategy and tactics. The team creates everything from video and social graphics to client presentations and paid digital content.

Are we a PR firm? We are. But the PR firm model has changed. The lines between traditional PR, advertising, digital and social are blurred. We have the traditional agency experience, but we have adapted to the new tactics involving digital media with social plus earned and paid content.

Are we really that different? We are. By focusing only on what matters to you, the client will always come first, giving us the ability to be more strategic and more collaborative, while providing a level of service that is unmatched in the industry. And our partners are deeply involved at all levels of any client engagement to drive value and accountability.

Are we interested in what matters to you? We are!