With 1.3 billion people dispersed across 9,596,960 square kilometers, China’s civil helicopter industry was lacking the equipment and infrastructure to serve its country’s growing demand for air transport. Meanwhile, American rotorcraft companies like Bell Helicopter had difficulty breaking in to the China market because of the country’s various airspace restrictions.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) was set to announce its plans to ease these restrictions during Airshow China. Realizing the enormous market potential this created, Bell moved quickly to position itself as a “first mover” in the industry, ready to address China’s extensive civil helicopter demand. LDWW was there to help.

Together the team worked across geographies and time zones to ensure Bell stood out in news stories coming out of Airshow China. Ceding rotorcraft trade journals to Bell’s competitors, the team focused its efforts on national and international business media, organizing a news briefing in China to discuss potential industry growth in the country. The team helped populate a multicultural microsite with easy-to-understand infographics and multimedia assets to tell the story worldwide. In addition, to fuel mass-market appeal, the team promoted Chinese actor and aviation enthusiast Michael Wong’s appearance at Bell’s media briefing.

Bell clearly came out on top at the China Airshow – with feature stories in China Business Watch, Xinhua News Agency and China Aviation Daily, as well as in regional English-language media such as Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, and China Daily USA. Bell also captured 47 percent of the social media share of voice, outshining all of its competitors.

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