In 2009, Bell Helicopter made the decision to cease production of its 206B Jet Ranger. The light, single-engine Jet Ranger had been an industry favorite for almost 50 years, but had become outmoded as aviation technology evolved.

Four years later in 2013, Bell announced its intention to re-enter the single-engine light rotorcraft market. The new Bell 505 Jet Ranger X would borrow from the original Jet Ranger’s heritage while incorporating the advanced technologies, systems and features of modern aircraft. Bell chose the industry’s largest North American trade show to launch the rotorcraft.

Knowing the trade show would also be the backdrop for a barrage of competitive news announcements, LDWW worked with Bell to devise a launch campaign to break through the competing noise and chaos. Leveraging a CEO news briefing, a Broadway-style product reveal, a mock rotorcraft display and a dedicated microsite, the team made Bell’s announcement the biggest news at the trade show – and one of the industry’s biggest news stories of the year.

The campaign, which was not supported in any way by paid advertising, generated more than just headlines. The news buzz during the trade show led to more than 100 aircraft orders placed immediately on-site at the show. An additional 100+ orders followed closely on the heels of the event. Considering each aircraft sells for approximately $1 million, the campaign made a huge impact on the company’s business.

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