In the world of firsts, the first flight of any new aircraft is exciting. But the inaugural flight of Bell Helicopter’s new 525 Relentless – a rotorcraft so revolutionary, industry naysayers were skeptical it could even be built – made others pale by comparison.

Because the successful first flight would prove Bell had achieved the impossible, Bell was eager to spread the word and enlisted the help of LDWW to get it done.

Like other events of this nature, having a live audience onsite to witness the takeoff was not possible for safety reasons. Instead, the team devised a plan enabling people to participate virtually – livestreaming the historic event in real-time to employees, customers and media around the world.

To ensure news of the inaugural flight spread rapidly both far and wide, the team pre-briefed reporters who were standing by to release embargoed stories upon the flight’s completion. Extending the reach of the news, the team also syndicated a news release – translated to half a dozen languages – proclaiming a successful first flight. To bring the story to life and grab additional attention, the team issued a pre-recorded CEO video statement celebrating the first flight and discussing its significance to Bell and the industry. The team also recorded video of the historic flight, capitalizing on the compelling visual nature of the event to share the story on social media and Bell’s website within minutes of the flight’s completion.

The Bell 525 Relentless first flight was a phenomenal success – invigorating employees, driving positive news about the program and generating customer excitement and demand for the aircraft.

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