To many consumers, Thanksgiving has become almost synonymous with Black Friday. Through the years, companies have opened their doors earlier than ever, even going so far as to start the sales frenzy on Thanksgiving Day itself. As a traditionally employee-centric company, GameStop has always chosen to stay closed on Thanksgiving, respecting the family time of their employees and customers.

Recently LDWW has utilized this family-oriented philosophy to position GameStop in the media as a company dedicated to placing people above profits. Rather than keeping quiet about this Thanksgiving tradition as it had in the past, LDWW urged GameStop to spread the word about its commitment to family time. The result: GameStop stories in The New York Times, the Associated Press, and Huffington Post to name a few. Plus, the company’s Facebook post urging consumers to “Boycott Black Thursday” generated thousands of likes and engagements.

The combined buzz created by LDWW’s efforts increased public awareness of GameStop’s family-friendly values resulting in goodwill and a sales bump for the retailer on Black Friday. Perhaps most importantly, the program bolstered the company’s likeability, forever cementing a place for GameStop in the hearts and minds of gamers nationwide.

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