For more than two years, LDWW worked to develop a comprehensive, first-ever brand platform for the Big 12 Conference. After collaborating with each university, conference staff and board members, stakeholders and athletic directors, a complete architecture and identity system was created. The package included a corporate identity that was also customized for each university as well as brand guidelines with a toolkit for collateral and business templates, and an organization positioning and messaging structure. Based in a digital strategy, LDWW developed and launched the brand in 2014 with multi-faceted social media and on-campus engagement opportunities throughout the athletic season, along with a supporting advertising campaign that was more robust than the conference or its peers had ever implemented.

In 2018, LDWW refreshed the visual identity with a brighter brand palette. This change allowed for more dynamic and versatile design in digital content and kept the conference in alignment with design trends in the sports industry.

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