As the physical video gaming industry experienced a steep decline, speculation was rampant that GameStop would become the next major retailer to succumb to the digital revolution. Despite the rumors, GameStop was working aggressively to transform itself, redoubling its commitment to the evolving video gaming industry while pursuing attractive new long-term growth opportunities. Unfortunately, Wall Street remained largely unaware of GameStop’s evolving business model, adversely affecting the company’s reputation, stock price and market valuation.

GameStop brought in LDWW to help change the dialogue about the company. The agency launched an aggressive news storytelling campaign to share the GameStop narrative in new ways and places, amplify and syndicate the news broadly, and mobilize influencers to help spread the word. LDWW also helped GameStop establish its executives as dynamic voices for the industry, participating in high-profile business forums and becoming trusted news sources for financial journalists. In a matter of months, GameStop’s remarkable transformation was being shared around the world in a steady stream of news stories showcasing the company’s diversification.

The program led to news coverage proclaiming, “The Digital Revolution Isn’t Stopping GameStop” as the company’s digital business grew faster than the top four game providers combined. On the rising tide of GameStop diversification news, LDWW shifted perceptions about GameStop’s sustainability in the increasingly digital marketplace. In a survey of media and analysts, 85% of respondents believed GameStop’s diversification strategy is the right way to transform its business.

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