For years, LDWW has helped GameStop battle unfounded assumptions the company will become a casualty of the digital era. Despite diversifying its business and diminishing its dependence on the physical video game market, Wall Street remained skeptical about GameStop’s performance in the face of strong digital headwinds.

The mobile video game Pokémon GO craze could have been perceived as a blow to GameStop’s competitive position. Instead, LDWW capitalized on the phenomenon to tell GameStop’s diversification story and make GameStop – the world’s leading retailer of Pokémon merchandise – the go-to destination for consumers looking to play the mobile game and collect some loot.

Interest was initially piqued when GameStop’s CEO appeared on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street discussing the company’s long-time Pokémon connection. LDWW then generated a torrent of news stories positioning GameStop store locations as virtual Pokémon sites, complete with PokeGyms or PokeStops (virtual destinations in the game where players visit physically), collectible Pokémon merchandise and valuable store discounts.

LDWW successfully turned the Pokémon Go phenomenon on its head, with GameStop stories in 300+ media outlets and Pokémon merchandise sales up 100% in stores. Plus, minutes after the CNBC Squawk on the Street interview, shares of GameStop jumped almost 10% on confidence in the company’s diversification strategy.


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