Given the state of affairs in collegiate athletics on and off the field, the Big 12 Conference Commissioner and LDWW devised a game-changing strategy to show leadership on a national level on critical issues.

The complex issues surrounding college sports include numerous lawsuits over such matters as name image and likeness among others. LDWW developed a forum series in an effort to avoid thirty-second sound bite conversations on these national issues. From the outset, the goal was to position the Big 12 as a national leader in intercollegiate athletics issues in the effort to solve these matters.

The series has brought together some of the brightest minds in intercollegiate athletics to have open, productive dialogue about the broad range of issues facing college athletics today and beyond. The goal was not to assemble a group of people who all share the same points of view. Rather, it was to have experts representing all sides of the debate sit down for an unfettered discussion about the many complex aspects of the issues. It is the best way to fully understand the issues and determine the best way forward. The forums, televised live by Campus Insiders, Fox Sports Southwest, CSPAN, and Big 12, have featured discussions ranging from sexual assault to compensating student athletes.

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